Drew Chan 1881, Inc...proud supplier of Briwax paste wax!

Inherent cleaning agents in BRIWAX allow dirt, oil, and old wax to be dissolved and lifted away, leaving a durable, lustrous hand-rubbed finish.
Great for a wide range of applications:
* Furniture * Wood Paneling
* Kitchen Cabinets * Craft Products
* Wood Floors * Wood Doors
* Untreated Leather* Almost Any Antique

BRIWAX is available in:
Clear -  Clear has been specially formulated so that it will not darken the wood, just enhance the grain.
Nine Wood Colors - The nine wood colors enable you to adjust the color and sheen of new wood,
and it can help fill in small surface scratches and chips in older furniture and antiques giving
your cherished heirlooms the look and feel of well maintained museum pieces.
       1.  Light Brown
       2.  Rustic Pine
       3.  Tudor Brown
       4.  Dark Brown
       5.  Antique Mahogany (suitable for Cherry Wood)
       6.  Golden Oak
7.  Ebony
                       8.  Teak (new 2005 color)
                       9.  Dark Oak (new 2005 color)
We sell Briwax in:
1 lb (16 fl oz)&7.7 lb (1 gallon)
Original (with Toluene) or Toluene Free*
* Ebony, Teak, and Dark Oak are not currently available in a Toluene Free formula
This page was last updated on: April 13, 2007
For current prices, please call 678.522.0289 or 404.351.5717
We ship 1 lb cans of BRIWAX within the United States** for $14.50 per can*** (plus shipping).
** Excludes Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico
*** 7% Sales Tax will apply to orders with a mailing address within the state of Georgia